Importance of Career Guidance for High School Students

Since childhood, all of us dream of our career and future goals. Without knowing anything we say “I will choose this profession.” However, the actual choices shape our future when we grow and enrol after the completion of High School. This is the most crucial time that defines our career goals. This is the time to ignite our calibre to reach the final destiny. So, career guidance is actually very important right from High School. Career Guidance has the capability to make or break the future.

Every student goes through the phase where he has to make a decision for his entire life and career. This is the most important decision where students struggle to decide what to do after class 10? Career counselling gives them confidence and path to move as per their potential and interest.

As you will scroll down, you will get to explore what all benefits career counselling has and how it helps to shape your future.

The two major components of successful career counselling are career education and career guidance.

  • Career education is broadly developing knowledge of possible courses as per interests through a strategic program which assists students to decide their career path.
  • Career Guidance is about assisting students by having one-on-one sessions helping them make educational and occupational choices. This enables them to make moves towards the work choices that would be best suitable for them.

Career Guiding and Career Counselling is more of like a secondary education and secondary parenting that guides the students from every aspect to shape their future and career successfully.

Careerfit by Cracs takes care of the entire career planning procedure. A major function of career planning by Careerfit is to assist students to transition successfully towards the appropriate career path. This implicates an exposure to curriculum prospects to develop students’ capabilities along with cognitive abilities by aptitude testing, psychometric testing. In addition, supporting students’ to make knowledgeable decisions about their subject choices by Stream Selection Test. This enables us to know where the students have interest and also the scope for their best possible move. In addition, Students get engaged in education and they feel highly encouraged about their future when they have a clear vision of their interests and what they have in the plate when they will step out of school life.


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