Still Wondering which Stream to Choose after 10th Grade?

Careerfit understands the deliberations among Parents and Children from all walks of Life.

Our platform and team of professional counsellors are certified, experienced to assist students in making that one decision which could define rest of their lives. At Careerfit, we help in end-to-end decision making from the early stages of education. We take into consideration the interest of the student, choice outcomes and dreams of the parents. We give you a route that justifies the goal of attaining a fruitful and secure livelihood in years to come. Whether your child aspires to become a lawyer, an entrepreneur, a teacher or a doctor, Careerfit examines the capability of child through an assessment test which provides a clear picture about selecting right stream.

Career Fit Assessment is a test designed to evaluate competitiveness of students. It does not require subject matter expertise. Reasoning capabilities are evaluated coupled with gaps identification in learning process to offer a soothing, dependable, and bright future ahead. Careerfit suggests most suitable stream selection model for students after gathering information on their natural learning abilities and styles.

After a student completes the 10th class examination, there are primarily four choices.

The selection is majorly dependent on the marks acquired in 10th class.

However, Careerfit suggests ideal stream selection for students based on following steps:

  • Careerfit primarily focusses on right stream selection after class 10th.
  • Careerfit assessment comprises questions which are categorically based to evaluate natural skills and abilities.
  • Assessment results provide improvement scope in key cognitive abilities like Focus, Decision Making, IQ.

Careerfit understands uniqueness of every student.

  • We don’t judge based on correct or incorrect answers. It’s about evaluating and analyzing insights through assessment test.
  • Questions are designed to know more about the student’s interests and learning skills.
  • Results do not put stress on child. Rather it proposes most suitable stream selection.