Right Choice, No Confusion

Atul is studying in class 10 and wishes to pursue Science Stream in next class. Though his family supported him in this choice, he received mixed reviews from his teachers who felt that he must consider Commerce stream. On discussing the situation with friends, Atul couldn’t get a satisfactory resolution.

Our Approach
Careerfit comprehends such confusions amongst students as they are on verge of entering a whole new educational domain after the class 10th. We assisted Atul to understand his true potential and evaluate best stream for himself. We made sure that he gets a thorough analysis of his skills and abilities for whichever stream he opts for in class 11th.

Today’s Scenario:
Our assessments for stream selection evaluate Atul’s interest in Science stream. Post counselling Sessions with our experts, he is more focused on all the subjects besides Sciences. Today he is on right track to become an Engineer. His stream selection proved to of great advantage.

Atul has always been studious with inclination in Science and Maths. These areas of interests propagated him to opt for Science stream and build career in Engineering. His friends shared same opinion that he must go ahead with Science stream, but his teachers had different opinion. They visualized his bright future in Commerce stream considering Maths as his strong foot. They believed that Atul must explore career opportunities through commerce stream. He did not want to take any hasty decision, and hence approached Careerfit to have a clear sense of direction towards his stream selection and career.

How Careefit helped Atul
We understood his confusion and helped him by considering a well-defined approach as mentioned below:

  • Skill mapping to highlight his abilities to pursue Science stream or Commerce stream in class 11th.
  • He was made aware about different areas concerning to draw a line of difference between the two streams.
  • Conducted counselling sessions to guide him in the right direction based on scientific and standardized facts.

Career Assessment:
We conducted an analysis to assist Atul where he could see the difference between the two streams. We had to relate stream selection with respect to skills and abilities which would justify his aspirations. A series of sessions was conducted. Validated insights were present to help him dig deep into core of streams. Atul understood scientific results provided by assessment. He is chasing his dreams by choosing most appropriate stream.


Get Right Direction & Decision Making