Success comes to those who not just seek, but strive, just like Snigdha Singh did with our Stream Selection and Career Guidance test.

Not only is class 10th a crucial time in a student's life, but also one of the most stressful stage. And as things are, students' future success highly depends on it. So, it did for Snigdha, a class 10th student. Most students and their parents get worried and confused as the time of stream selection for 11th arrives. Snigdha and her mother, however, were one of those few child-parent duos, who are keen to understand the importance of career guidance and stream selection test while a child is still matriculating. They approached Careerfit with valid questions and queries about Snigdha's school education and stream choices that can lead her to a successful life.

Here is an analysis of how Careerfit catered to Snigdha and Mrs. Singh's queries and offered them solutions.

Mrs. Singh's Concerns and Queries

  • Snigdha had been a bright student, never dipping below 85%. However, she was confused about stream selection in 11th class and wished to get this sorted out while she was still in 10th class.
  • While she was great at maths and sciences, she did exceptionally well in languages and social sciences as well.
  • Mrs. Singh and Snigdha wanted to know if opting for Humanities (as contrary to the trend), would not be an unwise decision.

How Careerfit Came forward with Help

  • Careerfit first took an active involvement in the parent-child interaction to have clarity about their preference. Our experts identified that while Mrs. Singh was aware of her daughter's exceptional ability for Humanities subjects, she felt the social pressure of convincing her child into an Engineering/Medical career.
  • Our first step in leading the duo towards clarification was to give Snigdha a cognitive and career assessment test which could relate her strengths for a right stream selection. Our skill assessment test results revealed that Snigdha, though a lover of language, was great at logic and decision-making – a perfect fit for civil services as a career choice.

Snigdha's take on her Abilities

  • We gave an array of viable options to Snigdha with regards to stream selection she could pursue, because we prefer that children and parents think long term.
  • Snigdha, considering her grit for hard work as well as her interests, agreed with us that the bright girl is a perfect fit for Humanities stream.
  • Accordingly, she zeroed down on choosing humanities with relational subjects, thus laying a sound foundation for competitive exams.

Mrs. Singh's take on Snigdha's Stream Selection
We're happy to quote Mrs. Singh here,

“As a parent, the pressure of making your child opt for medical or non-medical streams is immense, because you see, everyone else is doing the same. It took some sound analysis for my daughter and I to form consensus on the fact that there are other professional options besides Engineers and Doctors. Career guidance is the exact thing that we, as parents, need to support our children in the right stream selection. Thank you Careerfit”

We take Mrs. Singh's kind words and Snigdha's exceptional results as another dose of inspiration for us.


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