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Arushi was determined to pursue Arts as she was about to enter in class 11th. However, it was not well received within the family especially her father who wished her daughter to join Science stream. It put her in a tight spot to go with her conviction or trust her father’s experience.

Our Approach
Careerfit had experience to handle such situation wherein students and parents often have different stream and career choices. When approached, Careerfit suggested most suitable strategy to conduct skill set mapping assessment in order to determine her strengths and weaknesses. We also enlightened her about different career options so that she makes an informed decision for herself. In the conclusive part, we conducted a thorough analysis and helped her ascertain if she is fit for the Arts stream or not.

Current Status
We instilled the confidence in her backed with concrete analysis to choose Arts in class 11th. Today, she is scoring well in all the subjects and is ranked amongst topers in the class. Whilst gaining confidence, she is striving hard to pursue Civil Services in future.

Arushi has been an excellent student till class 10th. She was clear with her goal to take up civil services but her father had different perspective. She always looked upto her father and was skeptical over her decision to opt for Arts stream. Owing to her confusion, she consulted her teachers to abate anxiety. Much to her shock, most of her teachers sided with her father. It left her with little option but to get professional career consultation to make a better decision for herself. In consequent, she contacted Careerfit to get clear direction to set right foundation for her future.

We have three-step pedagogy to help students like Arushi:

  • Conduct a thorough SWOT analysis of her to determine her strength and weaknesses in option for Arts stream in class 11th.
  • Gather all pertinent information about the Arts stream to verify its relevance.
  • Source relevant information about alternative options including Science.

Career Assessment:
We gathered requisite information to evaluate Arushi’s interests and help her identify best career stream option for her. We discovered that she is a focused and passionate to pursue Arts to join Civil Services. She demonstrated excellent communication and analytical skills which are essential for a bright future. After factoring information from Careerfit assessment, we sought her opinion about different career options to understand depth of her confusion. Our expert counselors delved deeper into her current state of mind to address her concerns in context of the stream selection. After a series of thorough consultation, we suggested her to continue focusing on Arts stream but maintain balance with extra-curricular activities to emerge as a balanced personality. Following our advice, Arushi has made commendable progress in academics and is focused to outdo herself for years to come.


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