Stream choices matter the most after class 9th and 10th. Don't join the rat race and make guesses. Our stream selection test for students leads you in the right direction.



Each student's mind holds immense potential for reasoning and logical thinking. The right way to exploit its full potential is through enhancing these very cognitive skills.



Every student has a unique mind and way of learning. A personality aptitude test could be just what a student needs for getting the most out of their learning style.



The best careers are made when one has their heart in it. A simple career counselling test can help students align their career choice with their natural inclinations.


Stream Selection

In the present scenario, the way stream selection after 9th and 10th class goes, may not have much thought attached to it. The biggest mistake that students and their parents are likely to commit is, blindly following what everyone else is opting for.

Chances are that within a few months, or the worst case, after a few years, the student could end up realising that the choice was a blunder. Lest that should happen, it's time for stream selection post 10th class in the most logical way possible.

While most may think that the curriculum for class 9th and 10th is pretty far off from senior classes and what interests the student at this point might not even matter for their career, the truth is that it is the very turning point that can decide a student's career path.

Careerfit offers stream selection tests and sound stream guidance that helps parents and students choose a stream post class 10th, which can lead them to better career prospect and save them from frustration and impending failure that a remarkable number of students face due to unwise stream selection.

Available Streams after 10th class are

The Two Most Important Roles

This is where the role of parents and that of stream selection tests comes in. Despite the fact that every parent wishes nothing but the best of their child, the risk is that they could end up imposing their choices onto their children. The remedy lies in objectivity. And that, you will find only through professional help.

Cognitive Skills

A sad fact – a child's cognitive skills are most crucial as one reaches high school, but hardly any school ever tests these skills, leave alone developing these.

The truth – cognitive skills can help students not only choose a career but also make the best decisions in life.

Cognitive skills are a person's ability to learn and perform various mental activities. When it comes to the context of education, cognitive skills help students learn new things in a particular way and then mould it into logical thinking to solve problems.

As most education systems go by the book, they set the students' cognitive skills on a low-key mode, majorly focusing on cramming and reproducing answers. However, these very cognitive skills – the students' ability to learn new concepts and apply them to problem solving not only in subjects, but also decision making in life – are what matters for students to do well in their career and life alike.

At Careerfit, we help students not only discover confidence in what manner their cognitive skills work, but also help them develop these skills to the fullest. Career Fit helps you through and through. Our stream selection tests, objective counselling for students who may be groping in the dark about what they do best, and our skill development program – all aim at developing your cognitive skills.

Here are the key cognitive skills, that we help students explore and develop

Learning Style

Learning is a lifelong process, but the way in which each person learns is different. The way in which students learn at school, even when taught the same syllabi, is different from each other, which theorists categorise into three broad categories – Visual, Auditory, Kinesthetic (learning by doing)

So, does it have anything to do with the stream selection or the career choices that a student makes? Of course!

These broad categories define the basis of how a student will take to every new information that comes their way. And this is what helps them improve their process of learning. Once the student figures out how they learn a thing in the best manner, they can use it to perfect their way of studying and in making effective study plans.

Having one's learning style explored to its best, students can better opt for the subjects that interest them, and which they can learn better, thus being able to form solid grounds to make sound stream selection and later, career decisions.

Learning Style experts at Careerfit, with years of experience in working with students and teachers, recognize the evident streaks of learning styles in students. With deep analysis and assessment tests, not only do they determine your learning style, but also lead you to develop your style to the maximum.

Career Counselling

It's not rare to see students uninterested in what they are pursuing for 11th and 12th classes. Same is the case with young school and college pass outs wondering what career they head should towards. What's behind this not-so-desirable scenario is bad career choices, starting from unwise stream selection.

Career counselling might sound to an education system, which is only evolving as of now. However, it is an important step before students decide what stream to opt for in classes related to higher and senior secondary/state boards. It is plain to see that the stream selection decides the future course that their careers are likely to take. This is the time when students must make the right choice.

While making changes in one's career path is not looked down upon in such a manner as it was 10 years ago, it's human to prefer stability over confusion. Career counselling at school level aims to provide students which this prospective stability.

How does CareerFit Career Counselling Help Students?

Our objective, face-to-face counselling session with the student helps us and the student understand their strengths, weaknesses, talent, apprehensions, interests, and capabilities.

A series of tests like aptitude test, personality test and assessment tests help both the parties in figuring out where the student stands and what steps must be taken to leverage what we have.

Based on the test result and our understanding of the student's personality and capabilities, we counsel and advise on the best career path for the student to follow. The first step in this direction is right stream selection.